Banana Boats

perfect with a glass of milk

perfect with a glass of milk

I have a confession to make: while my hubby may be an eternal fan of PB&J, I’m not in the slightest. Yes, I realize that’s blasphemy for some of you, but the texture was what made it less than appealing for me – too much softness, and who has bread with peanut butter anyway? After all, I ate mine on crisp, crunchy crackers. No soft, get stuck to the top of your mouth issues there. Then there was another barrier to me liking PB&J or the PB with banana route some loved: for years I didn’t eat jelly (another blasphemy). However, recently I found a variation on this that I love.

My variation started out because while I did not care for the PB with bread or jelly, how about PB on a banana? There’s some firmness there, and with a glass of milk it sounded good. The second day I cut the banana in half to put the peanut butter in the middle like a little sandwich…sandwich…how about some strawberry jelly? I got out the jelly, putting some on the pb and squishing together the two sides like a sandwich. Awesome. But wait…healthy…healthy…oh yeah! We have strawberries in the fridge that are going bad! I wonder how strawberries instead of jelly would taste? Which brings me to…

Banana Boats

(A healthier option to a PB&J…)


  • 1 banana
  • peanut butter (enough to smear on both cut sides)
  • strawberries (several)


  1. Basically, you get a banana, cut it in half, and lay the cut sides up.
  2. Smear some peanut butter on each half.
  3. Place a couple of sliced strawberries onto the peanut butter which will hold it onto the banana.
  4. Enjoy!

Like I said, call it a recipe if you want, but I’m definitely calling it a yummy snack or small meal that is great for after a run or other exercise routine. Or, if like me, you have some strawberries that need to be used.

The pb and banana did a nice job of mellowing out the initial bite of the strawberry.

The pb and banana did a nice job of mellowing out the initial bite of the strawberry.

What are some of your favorite somewhat healthy snacks?

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