Ordering up Grassfed

A little before 6pm I drove to the Sutherlands parking lot in Lubbock. When I got there I saw a mostly empty lot except for the far right near the street where a man in jeans was passing out boxes, bags, and cartons to people standing nearby. I had to drive carefully to avoid vehicles that were coming and going, not to mention the people getting in and out of cars or simply standing about waiting and chatting. I parked and got out of my own car, check in hand, ready to purchase the pork breakfast sausage, whole chicken, ground beef, sirloin, and eggs I had ordered earlier in the month.

This was my first direct purchasing experience with PiaDom Meats, a local company out of Nazareth, Texas that delivers to a parking lot in Lubbock once a month for no more cost than the products you buy. We had bought some of their meat a month or so ago when we went to Well Body and liked it and their philosophy well enough to want to order more from them directly. This was a very simple procedure since they list what they have to offer online as well as some suggestions for cooking it, and you can either fill out a form on their website, call them, or email them to make your order. They send out emails to those who ask to be added to their list so they can let people  know when they are coming to Lubbock next (or Plainview, Amarillo, or several other cities they list on their site).

That I found out about them at all is because of another site, Eat Wild, which I stumbled upon while trying to find a local source for eggs. Eat Wild is a great resource for locating farmers around the country who sell grass fed meat, eggs, and dairy. During that same search I also discovered other useful sites such as Local Harvest and Eat Well Guide. In fact, Local Harvest is how I got in touch with a woman from whom I will be buying fresh produce from her garden every other week (first delivery on Friday!).

I’ll have to get back to you on how my PaiDom purchases all taste, but so far I’m happy. We plan to have some of the sirloin cooked in teriyaki sauce and then tossed in with some white rice and broccoli. As for the produce arriving on Friday, I’ll let you know how it goes too.

What do you eat that is local and/or organic? And what do those words mean to you?


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4 responses to “Ordering up Grassfed

  1. thanks for posting the link to eat wild! i’m on the website now and there are a lot of farms close to our house. i’ll let you know if/when i buy anything. 🙂 can’t wait to hear what you think of your order

  2. apparently cooking grass-fed meat is different from cooking non-grass-fed meat. http://kellythekitchenkop.com/2009/02/5-ways-to-achieve-grass-fed-beef-cooking-nirvana-guest-post-from-the-food-renegade.html this website give you some tips on how to cook it properly

    • Thanks for the link, and you are right – it is different. One of the nice things about PiaDom’s website is they list some cooking tips for their meat (one of the primary ones being do not overcook it).

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